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Door Canopies add kerb appeal to any home. There is a range of designs available to suit all homes regardless of the age or style of the property.

Carports combine quick and easy parking with protection from the weather. During heavy rain or snow, having a shelter overhead when exiting your car proves invaluable. Car ports also prevent your car from freezing overnight in the winter months, eliminating the tiresome de-icing chore. In summer and autumn, carports provide a barrier against falling leaves, bird droppings and tree sap which can be extremely damaging to a car's paintwork. At Kape Canopies and Roofs we provide the Cantilever Concept Canopy and the Evolution Canopy which can also be fitted above patios and walkways.


Cantilever Concept Canopy

Evolution Canopy

"Kape Canopies and roofs fitted canopies over our rear doors and replaced some shabby guttering. The service was excellent. They helped us choose canopies that would compliment our 45 year old bungalow, enhancing the appearance and providing shelter when returning with wet doga on rainy days. There is a wide range of choices and the sales/estimator was skilled in ensuring the canopies we chose would fit property and provide correct drainage.

The front canopy was a non stock item made to match the available space and the rear canopy was a standard size. A courier delivered both canopies on the date advised and the fitting team arrived exactly on time. The fitters were very precise and did some minor repairs to the brickwork to ensure the finished job was sound. We are delighted with the change the canopies have made to our home and would highly recommend the company."


Door Canopies